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Mulligan's No Pressure Sales Policy


Are you tired of being “sold” when bidding your home improvement projects? In today’s mobile world, we’re dealing with highly knowledgeable customers that are better informed than ever before. By the time you meet our salespeople, you may already have a clear idea of the products you want to buy, and the budget you have to spend. Our number one priority is to offer you the best possible service and solutions to your home improvement problems. At Mulligan, we’re creative problem-solvers with the most experienced team in the industry.

If you’re looking for home-improvement products without the high-pressure pitch, call Mulligan. Our professional staff is trained in our no-pressure sales process that puts customers' needs first.

Our No Pressure Policy policy focuses on selling you quality products that deliver a premium solution for your budget.  In addition to the most competitive pricing on windows, siding, roofing, insulation, and doors, we offer one of the largest varieties of manufacturers and brand names in the area. Pre-shop online for a broad array of styles to choose from, or give us a call for a free in-home demonstration where you’ll be able to see and touch the quality products we put in your home. 

We believe quality isn’t quality unless it’s quality you can afford. Mulligan is a family company built on courtesy, service, and dependability since 1965.


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