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Fairmont Park

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Property Description:

Fairmont Park Apartments is a 25 unit apartment complex located on a beautiful and serene 40 acre parcel.

Materials and Specs:

Siding - Mulligan supplied and installed an Alside Charter Oak ultimate siding system in maple color and clapboard styles on flat wall areas. To update the look of the exterior, we also added Alside Pelican Bay vinyl molded shake siding in a walnut color to be used under window areas, entry headers and overhangs. The fascia and trim were also custom wrapped with Alside smooth aluminum coil stock. Soffits were covered and vented with a maple T-4 material. For preparation of the job, our team also removed and reinstalled existing wires, dryer vents, intercom panels, gutters and other exterior modules as necessary.

Completion Time: 12-16 weeks

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