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Commercial Renovation

The Mulligan family of companies has developed and renovated well over 60,000 residential homes in the tri-county area. We have worked from the ground-level, to sixteen-story complexes. We pride ourself on outstanding customer service and expert craftsmanship. In fact, we don’t employ “hired-guns” for our crews. The same installers that work for us, work ONLY for you. Our team has been with us for years, some of them for decades. A testament to our workmanship, over 60% of our client base has come from referrals.

Mulligan Commercial Renovation was begun over a decade ago. Our philosophy is to use the best building materials whenever possible, while maintaining the budget requirements for a particular project. We also believe in using high efficiency glass, and ALL energy efficient products when possible. Our goal is to renovate and refurbish your property so that it is more rentable, tenant retention rates are improved, and ultimately


Safety is always our number one priority. Mulligan not only strictly follows, but strives to exceed both OSHA and safety guidelines set by The American Builders Association. On site crews will always wear safety goggles and steel-toed boots, as well as restrict an area with safety tape and wraps. Our team is also familiar with existing state codes, and reviews existing building codes to insure all new work is completed to code.

We use only metal flashing on the exterior of the building, and seal all interior and exterior window cavities with silicone caulk. We also use 3” bits and 1/4 x 15/16 fasteners on all metal installations.


The comfort, safety and convenience of a building’s residents is first on our list. We strive to create a non-disruptive work environment where residents can go about their daily business without feeling a disruption in their lives. Our team works with building management and residents to remove, dispose of, prep and install new windows at the most convenient and least disruptive time.


  • State Builders License in the state/states we are working in. License # 2102068670
  • Installers are all AAMA Certified.
  • We comply with all city and state codes.
  • All permits are pulled and reviewed before work will commence.
  • Member Michigan Better Business Bureau.

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