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Willow Hill

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Property Description:

Willow Hill Condominiums are an opportunity to retire in style while making new friends and socializing. Willow Hill is located in a beautiful park-like setting among many towering willow trees and peaceful landscapes.

Materials and Specs:

Mulligan removed existing windows, downspouts and gutters. Out team inspected the above areas and replaced all non-structural rotting wood for the purpose of securing new siding.

We set new windows, insulated, silicone caulked and sealed all window frames. New vinyl siding, vinyl soffit and aluminum trim were added to exterior frame walls, and new aluminum gutters and downspouts were added where they were previously removed.

Additional Items: The team also installed 2 new windows and siding on the condominium complex’s clubhouse.

Completion Time: 8-12 weeks

Mulligan Home Improvement

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