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Lomanco Premium Ventilation Systems

To fight heat and moisture, which are enemies to your home, you must ventilate year-round. Ventilation supplies a continuous supply of air through the attic space.

Proper ventilation consists of 50% intake, under the eaves, and 50% exhaust near or at the roof peak, at least three feet higher than the intake system. When remodeling or re-roofing your home, ignoring a proper ventilation system could result in damage to shingles, roof sheathing and possibly migrate to your living area causing mold, mildew and paint blisters on the inside of your home.


Our Most Popular Vent - Lomanco® 750 Bird Free Vent

750.pngMulligan offers the complete line of Lomanco static roof vents from which to choose. Lomanco® Static Roof Vents are available in two designs, Slant Back and Pan Style, to fit all of your ventilation needs. The Slant Back design is available in Aluminum, Plastic, and Galvanized finishes. Lomanco® Pan Style Series consists of the 550, 600, and 135 Roof Vents and is available in aluminum finish only.

Common Features

Lomanco® Static Roof Vents are exhaust vents by design. Each vent's unique design offers maximum weather protection. vents are available in several colors to blend with your roofing materials. Other common features include a bird-proof design, a weather tight seamed collar, and a high profile and rolled flange on the vent stack for superior weather protection and circulation. The 750 Slant Back roof vent is also available in copper.

Additional Vent Types

Foundation vents help remove moisture that can lead to damp rot. Damp rot can cause damage to your home, as well attract termites.
Gable vents are exhaust vents and should be used in conjunction with intake vents. Intake ventilation is an essential component of a properly designed ridge vent system. To maximize ridge vent performance, air intake vent area should be equal to or exceed the net free area installed at the ridge. Mulligan offers a variety of intake vents to fill this need.
Power vents quickly exhaust heat or humidity from any attic. They work on a thermostat, which automatically turns the fan on when cooling is needed.
A ridge vent runs the entire length of the roof peak, blending into the roofline. A ridge vent installed with an internal weather filter, combined with undereave venting is the most efficient system you can install.
Ventilation and air circulation are an integral part of keeping a home comfortable while prolonging the roof's life. Mulligan roof vents also keep out weather and other hazards. Typically, 7-8 roof vents are installed per 1,500 square feet of roof surface. These vents work with gables and hips and can be installed with virtually every commercial and residential roofing material.
A turbine vent system is the most effective and most affordable system you can install. One turbine vent can do the work of 7-8 roof vents and achieve maximum airflow. A turbine ventilator installed with proper open soffit ventilation is the right formula for an effective turbine vent system.

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